Manager or Leader?

In reading an article on leadership on What Leaders Really Do I thought about my training for ministry and my experience for over 30 years and asked myself, “Was I trained as a manager or leader?”  First let me share a little from the article.  It said that managers; plan, organize, and solve problems and leaders; set direction, align people and provide motivation.  It went on to say that organization needs both managers and leaders.  I also believe that a person can move in and out of these roles depending upon the circumstance.

Leaders focus on change and managers focus on stability.  If this is true we need more leaders.  Things are changing!!!  We can’t stop the change but as leaders we can direct, influence, and guide change.  To answer my question I was trained as a manager.  In talking with others most where also trained as managers.  Please share how we can be better equipped as leaders.  Thank you in advance for your post.

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