The territory now generally known as North Carolina and South Carolina was granted to Sir Robert Heath on October 30, 1629, and was called Carolina.  A permanent settlement was established at Charles Town during April, 1670 in what was later called South Carolina.

Some seven years and seven months later, or on September 25, 1682, a Baptist church was constituted at Kittery, Maine. The Rev. William Screven was the elder, the following year a Baptist work is said to have been started in South Carolina, under the said William Screven.


Mr. Screven’s congregation was established in Charles Town in 1699. A second Baptist Church was established on Ashley River on May 24, 1736. In less than two years, a Baptist church was established at Society Hill, and was known as Welsh Neck Baptist Church. The Baptist Church at Euhaw was the fourth to be established in South Carolina. This was on May 1756.


These four churches constituted the nucleus for the Charleston Baptist association, which was formed on October 21, 1751. This was the first Baptist association formed in South Carolina.

Baptist churches continued to spring up over the territory, even across the boundary of Georgia and North Carolina, many of them applied for and were granted membership in the Charleston association.


It was in 1845 that the Salem Baptist association was formed, and in 1858 the Columbia Metro Baptist Association was organized. These two associations were consolidated and out of this came Fairfield Baptist Association. In 1976 the name changed to Columbia Metro Baptist Association.

Minutes from First Annual Meeting

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